Want to book Bob the Juggler for your next event but aren’t sure what he can do for you?  Bob has a variety of performance options or he can create a new program to fit your specific needs.

Strolling Entertainment

One of the most popular options is strolling entertainment.  With Bob the Juggler’s engaging personality, he will interact with the crowd in an impromptu setting.  Mingling with your guests, he will juggle, balance objects, ride his unicycle, and even bend metal with his mind all while making your guests a part of his show!

Stage Show

Bob the Juggler has produced an energy-filled 45 minute stage show that will wow any audience!  Set to toe-tapping music that all ages will enjoy, Bob will juggle up to SEVEN balls, clubs, knives and fire.  Plus, he will amaze with his mastery of the Diablo and Devil Sticks.  Bob the Juggler’s distinctive style will also surprise audiences as he balances objects on his head, fingers and toes.

Stilt Walking

Another of Bob the Juggler’s expertise lies in stilt walking.  This performance can be combined with the above two programs or done by itself.  Bob the Juggler will astound crowds by not only walking with ease on stilts, but by juggling on them as well! 

Holiday Themed Events

Looking for something to spice up your new holiday party?  Bob the Juggler is your answer.  Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or any other holiday, Bob the Juggler has the ability to morph into whatever you need.  Throughout his many years of experience he has done it all – from zombie to court jester.  Contact him to find out what he can do for you!